RZR Rear Shock Tuning Kit For Long Travel For Fox Aftermarket 3.0 Inch IBP Shocks For Polaris RZR 14-19 XP 1000 / 18-19 XP Turbo / 18-21 RS1

Each Shock Tuning Kit Features:

  • (2) Longer Shock Shafts
  • (2) Piston Shim Kits
  • (2) DSC Shim Kits
  • 8 oz of Top-off Oil
  • Made in the USA


SKU 460-90655-JCBN
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The Cognito Rear Shock Tuning Kit for Polaris Aftermarket Steel Body Fox 3.0 Inch IBP shocks has been specifically designed to optimize shock dampening and drivability for the Cognito Long Travel Kit.

By offering this kit, Cognito has taken all the guesswork out of valving shocks for long travel.

This kit includes parts to tune two shocks. This kit does not include shocks, springs, or common wear items. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure the shocks are not too worn to install this kit. For example; shocks used in harsh conditions, such as desert racing, need to be rebuilt a minimum of every 1000 miles. Level of wear based on mileage will vary car-to-car. Cognito does offer tuning kit installation and shock services for an additional cost.

Note:This kit is only for the older Aftermarket Steel Body Fox 3.0 Inch IBP shocks offered from 2014-2017. This kit will not work for the newer aluminum body shocks.


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 8 × 8 in

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